What Does it Mean to Be a Top Performer?

When I created “Become A Top Performer”, I had no idea what a Top Performer was.

I surely wasn’t one. In fact, I still don’t consider myself one. All I know is that I can improve, which means I’m not at the top, right?

But… improve what? What is a top performance? What does it mean?

On my way to build this website, those questions kept popping up again and again. With time, I started to partially answer the questions. While we may have different views on the subject, I will try to share with my vision of top performance, and why it matters on this website.

What a Top Performer is NOT

Before starting to elaborate about what it is, let’s try first with what it is not. This list is certainly not exhaustive, and are only illustrative of the vision I have of a Top Performer.

  • A Top Performer does not use words such as “I should do…” or “I can’t do…”, but “I will do…” and “I don’t do…”
  • A Top Performer does not say he has no time, he either makes time, or admits it is not his priority.
  • A Top Performer does not procrastinate.
  • A Top Performer does not spend his energy and time about things out of his control.
  • A Top Performer does not waste energy worrying or complaining, he focuses on finding solutions.
  • A Top Performer does not live in a world of “what should be”, but in a world of “what is”.

What a Top Performer IS

  • A Top Performer takes action towards achieving her goals instead of endlessly consuming information.
  • A Top Performer knows how to work hard to achieve her goals. She also knows how to rest hard to ensure high performance.
  • A Top Performer is empathetic, open-minded, and able to question her beliefs.
  • A Top Performer is constantly challenging herself to face her fears and go out of her comfort zone.
  • A Top Performer is a learner for life and is constantly willing to improve.

Do You Want to Become a Top Performer?

Becoming a Top Performer is no easy work. For the past year or so, I have been writing almost every day, during my morning routine.

Inspired by the book “The Miracle Morning”, from Hal Elrod, I have been writing a few lines of Affirmations. These are the words I write:

“I know I have the ability within me to create the life I desire. The only thing that separates me from those at the top is my level of commitment. Therefore, I commit to consistent and continuous effort towards my goals and dreams.”

Becoming a Top Performer requires commitment.

The commitment to face your fears.
The commitment to question what you believe is the absolute truth.
The commitment to work hard and show up every day.

Some are not ready for those commitments.
Some will prefer to stay on the couch and eat chips.
Some will prefer to waste their time on Facebook, Youtube or video games.

There is no problem with that. I’m no judge to others’ life, we all have different visions, and I respect that some don’t consider it is worth the effort.

However, if that’s your case, I will gently ask you to leave this website, because it’s not for you.

On the opposite, if you are ready to commit to consistent and continuous effort towards your goals and dreams, then stay with me. We have a lot to discuss.

How Become A Top Performer Will Help You?

When I got my degree, I didn’t want the 9 to 5 crappy job.

I wanted flexibility, autonomy, freedom, to have my own schedule and to work the way I wanted.

That’s why I started a PhD. I knew it would be a lot of work, but also that I would have the autonomy I cheered.

The reality was different. Yes I could work from anywhere, but it was most of the time at the university, from 8 to 6, sometimes later, or during the weekends, and I would be exhausted when coming back home.

Sounds familiar?

The PhD was no different than a job (except for the paycheck) and I started to hate Academia.

It was taking all my energy and creativity, so I couldn’t really do anything on the side.

My drive to want more from life gave me the energy to read self-help books, productivity stuff, and to start my journey on becoming a Top Performer.

By consistently taking action and experimenting with the advice I was reading, I slowly started to be more efficient, to create powerful routines in my everyday life and to draw an inspiring big picture for my life.

Even better, I started to become more efficient, to stop wasting time on unimportant things, and to save hours every day.

  • I could add new exciting projects, and sooner that I realized, I was:
    Going to the gym every day,
  • Cooking meals every day,
  • Reading plenty of books,
  • Starting this same website,
  • Starting even another website about Data Science, another passion of mine,
  • Having a more active social life than ever!

This change didn’t happen in days or weeks. It took me months! I experimented so many tips, techniques, methods hacks, magic spells, or whatever name those marketing guys call that.

I could build my own systems and routines that would allow me to skyrocket my productivity and be more organized than ever. I’m still testing new stuff today!

I gathered the best strategies in an ebook called “Get An Extra Hour A Day” (honestly, you’ll get more than one extra hour).

Make sure you grab a copy for yourself by putting your name and email address in the form below:

How I Can Help Your Business

It is a common trend among Top Performers to want to get rid of the 9 to 5 and to build their own business.

I am no exception to this, and that’s also what BATP is about.

When I started this website, I quickly realize writing would be a big part of it. Whatever industry you’re in, it’s always the same: Everything start with writing.

On the Internet, this is the only way to be listened and to share what you have to say. Even if you want to create videos or start a podcast, you will need to write your scripts at first, or at the minimum to scratch some cliff notes beforehand.

I realized another thing: Writing is hard. Nobody knows why, but everybody know it is.

I struggled so much when I started. Honestly, I was a mess! Being a non-native English speaker, my articles were just full of grammar mistakes and weird phrases. It didn’t help.

But eventually I figured it out. It didn’t become easy, but doable. I learned to handle the difficulty, to overcome it and to get the writing done, no matter what, good day or bad day.

I recently wrote a complete guide called “How to Write 1,000 Words and Produce Remarkable Content”, and I want to share it with you. You can get your own copy for free by entering your email address below. By doing so, you will also have access to the private list of BATP, where I share extra stuff I never talk about on the website.

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